How to get rid of dust in hard-to-reach places: simple methods

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Dust control does not always require significant financial investments

No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean, dust will still accumulate in it. It's inevitable because it consists of dead skin and hair particles, textile fibers and dirt, as well as plant pollen, sand, smoke particles, or exhaust gases that enter the house from the street. At the same time, house dust can provoke allergy and asthma attacks. That's why it's important to know how to remove dust in hard-to-reach places.

Express asked home interior design experts about this. They shared the secrets of quality cleaning that won't cost you much.

Keep windows closed while cleaning

Street dust, which makes up a significant proportion of indoor dust, enters the home through open windows and doors. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of pollution by keeping them closed. Do this at least in windy weather and be sure to close the windows when you're cleaning. This way you will collect dust more efficiently.

Put newspaper on high shelves and on top of cabinets

It can be very difficult to sweep dust from the highest surfaces. But it's much easier to brush it off a newspaper placed there. Thus, cover everything above eye level with newspapers. When it's time to clean, simply roll up the newspaper with the dust and throw it away. You can also gently remove the covering, shake it out, and put it back on.

Use a sock to clean the blinds

Blind slats create a few more surfaces for dust to accumulate, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Simply put an old sock on your hand, lightly dampen it with water, grab the slat with the sock and wipe it in this way. All the dust will collect on the fabric.

Clean lampshades and curtains with a sticky roller

These interior items accumulate dust along with others. However, washing curtains every week is not an option. Thus, using a sticky roller is the way to go. Do this procedure with curtains and textile lampshades every few weeks.

Vacuum properly

Designers invented different brushes for different surfaces for a reason, so don't neglect it. Change the nozzle or its settings depending on the type of flooring. Carpet and laminate flooring require different approaches to vacuuming.

Get rid of clutter

It's simple: the more things you have scattered around your home, the harder it will be to dust them. Therefore, put all things back in their places after use. This is especially true for textiles, such as blankets, pillows, and towels, because they not only collect dust but also produce it themselves.

Place plants on the windowsill

The ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen makes them an ideal dust remedy. As they breathe, they collect particles of pollution that can be easily removed by wiping the leaves or spraying the plant.

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