How to get rid of constant moisture in the bathroom: a simple method

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How to get rid of moisture in the bathroom

The bathroom can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is primarily due to the heat and moisture generated every time you turn on the hot water. Excessive humidity can not only lead to structural damage in the room but also cause health problems.

Of course, this does not mean that you should use the bathroom or shower less often. A simple life hack described by House Digest will help prevent the spread of mold.

An effective life hack

High levels of humidity, which lead to the growth of fungal spores, can provoke respiratory diseases, dermatitis, and allergic reactions. The secret is to prevent the spread of mold.

Camphor is a white solid that often comes in cubes that can be used to absorb moisture. Camphor gives off a strong scent that will help with disinfection as many of those unpleasant odors you may smell in the bathroom are actually the result of excess moisture.

How to get rid of moisture in the bathroom

Fill a large bowl with camphor cubes and place it on the bathroom countertop or behind the toilet. If you are a fan of long water procedures, this method may be most effective if you place the bowl closer to the shower. You can always choose a decorative container so that the life hack does not affect the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Although camphor can absorb moisture, it is important to note that it becomes toxic if ingested or used improperly. Make sure you don't pick up the substance with your bare hands, especially if there is a chance it will come into contact with damaged skin.

Camphor should also never be heated or exposed to open flames. This means that you should keep it away from any candles in the room. In addition, camphor can be fatal to babies, so safety is the first thing you should consider. Place the container out of the reach of children or use alternative methods to reduce humidity, such as buying a dehumidifier.

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