How to get rid of condensation and mold in your home in three minutes: a life hack that works

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To prevent mold from forming, you need to arrange drafts

Condensation, which can form dangerous mold, often appears in many homes. A Reddit user claims that you can get rid of it by creating a draft lasting three minutes.

The Daily Star writes that in most cases, homeowners try to get rid of condensation by opening a window to let the stifling air out of the house. But this can lead to freezing of cold rooms. Therefore, according to the author of the report, it is important to open several windows at once for at least a few minutes.

Mold has a negative impact on health

"In Germany, we have a technique called Stosslüften' Basically, it means that instead of keeping one window open all day (which is a huge waste of energy), open several windows throughout the house for three minutes, creating a strong draft to replace most of the warm, humid air inside," the post reads.

The user claims that the peculiarity of cold air is that it can "hold" a small amount of water vapor.

Condensation is caused by excess moisture

"If this relatively dry, cold air enters your home, it heats up. Being warmer, it's suddenly able to absorb some of the extra humidity inside your home," he says, and recommends doing this several times a day.

By the way, the publication writes that the NHS (National Health Service of England) explains condensation problems as the result of "excess moisture" that can be caused by leaking pipes, humidity rising from the lower floors of the house or damp plaster on the walls.

So the service advises to find out these reasons in order to solve them.

To get rid of condensation that forms mold, you need to open all the windows in the house frequently

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