How to get rid of cockroaches in the house: methods for every taste

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How to get rid of cockroaches in the house

Cockroaches in the house create real problems for the owners, so it is important to keep it clean to avoid an invasion of "unwanted guests". Dark, damp, and polluted places are a cozy and comfortable environment for pests that not only spoil food and things, but also spread various diseases.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips to help you deal with this. You will need simple products that are in every home.


The strong aroma of cinnamon masks food odors that attract pests. Sprinkle the seasoning in cracks and other places where you have seen insects.

Boiling water

Cleaning your pipes with boiling water is another way to keep cockroaches from entering through the sewer system. The hot liquid will wash away bits of food and debris, and this will no longer encourage the insects to crawl into your home.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is a natural ingredient that repels cockroaches rather than attracts them. It is better to use fresh leaves rather than dried ones, as they have a stronger flavor. Just put 7-10 bay leaves near the cracks and the scent will last for two weeks.

Hot sauce

Add two tablespoons of the sauce to one liter of water, stir everything thoroughly, and spray the necessary places. Thanks to the pungent odor, you can get rid of annoying pests.


Stir the juice of one lemon in a glass of water and spray the necessary areas. The substances contained in lemon repel cockroaches.

Baking soda and sugar

Mix baking soda and sugar in a 1:1 ratio and leave the mixture in the areas where cockroaches have been seen. Soda has a negative effect on the insects' bodies, which will eventually lead to their death.


Alcohol negatively affects the condition of cockroaches. But you need to make sure that the alcohol gets on the pests. Spray them liberally and after a while you will no longer see unwanted guests in your home.


To stop the invasion of insects, place garlic cloves in the places where they most often appear. It is important to change the cloves every three weeks.


The strong odor interrupts the pheromone trails of insects, which prevents them from communicating. White vinegar is the best option for repelling cockroaches. Spray the solution in the right places and you can be calm about your home.

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