How to get rid of bad odor in your gym bag: you only need one ingredient

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With this life hack, your bag will smell like coffee instead of sweat

Just a few workouts a week and you feel better and can do more. But at the same time, you'll have to take better care of your body and some of your belongings to keep them from developing an unnecessary odor. In particular, the bag in which you carry your uniform to the gym.

Sometimes you leave your wet gym clothes in this bag overnight, and there's nothing wrong with that – everyone has the right to postpone certain things because they're tired. But in this case, the odor will appear faster. OBOZ.UA found out what will help to get rid of it almost effortlessly.

The miracle cure turned out to be ordinary coffee grounds. Ground beans contain nitrogen even after brewing, which can absorb unpleasant odors from the air. Thus, coffee can be used to freshen the air in a refrigerator where something has gone bad. It will be no less effective against the smell of sweat. By the way, you can even use flavored beans to not only remove the stench but also give your bag a pleasant cinnamon or caramel flavor.

To freshen up your bag with coffee, take all your belongings out of it and wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Next, take a paper filter and fill it halfway with the used grounds. Tie the filter with a rubber band or string to prevent the contents from spilling out, put it in your bag overnight, and close it. Throw the coffee away in the morning. You'll notice that the unpleasant odor has disappeared, and a light coffee aroma has appeared inside. It won't last long either, but it will delight you with its invigorating notes for a while. If the sweat odor is not completely removed, repeat the procedure or wash the bag.

To avoid unpleasant odors from your gym bag, don't leave your clothes in it when they are wet after training - always take them out immediately. Also, leave the bag unzipped to allow air to circulate freely. This will help dry and ventilate it in time. You can also buy a sachet freshener and put it in your inside pocket.

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