How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator: simple and effective methods

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What helps with an unpleasant smell from the refrigerator

It is very difficult to get rid of an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator. Even after washing it with expensive products and throwing away spoiled food, pungent aromas can continue to fill your kitchen every time you open the door.

Several life hacks will help you deal with this problem. The most effective of them were described by the Express.

Baking soda

Baking soda copes with the heaviest dirt. It is also a flavor neutralizer, balancing the pH of acidic and alkaline substances.

First, experts recommend washing the refrigerator with a baking soda solution. Pay special attention to the shelves, racks, and doors.

The simplest recipe is to pour baking soda into a container of water and wipe the inside of the refrigerator with the liquid. You can take 1.5 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

There is a very interesting way: put an open pack of soda in the refrigerator for at least 72 hours. It should absorb unpleasant odors.

Coffee or lemon

If you have washed the refrigerator and thrown away the leftovers, but the unpleasant odor remains, you can use a life hack with ground coffee or lemon.

Pour ground coffee into a shallow cup and leave it in the refrigerator for 3 days. A similar life hack applies to lemon juice.

Coffee acts as an absorbent, so there will be no trace of odors.

How to clean the refrigerator

To neutralize the odor, you should follow a few important tips.

If you do not clean the filters in time, mold can accumulate in them. They should be cleaned at least once every 6 months.

Before you wash the inside of the refrigerator, sweep and vacuum underneath. These areas accumulate a lot of crumbs and food debris that can rot over time.

Don't forget about the water tray. It can become moldy if left uncleaned for a long time. It is recommended to clean the water tray with warm water and ordinary dishwashing detergent.

Excessive water in the refrigerator is a sign of a faulty seal. Excessive moisture causes an unpleasant odor.

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