How to fall asleep quickly: three miracle techniques

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Some techniques will help you fall asleep quickly

Stress and tension lead to sleep problems. It often happens that after a hard day at work, you only dream of rest and recuperation. But when you go to bed in the evening, you toss and turn for hours - and still can't sleep.

Psychologist Shelby Harris calls this condition "brain fatigue." Anxiety and obsessive thoughts keep you from falling asleep. This is repeated every night, and the body is simply exhausted. Serious health problems begin. MBG Health has revealed three miracle techniques to help you fall asleep quickly.

"Brain fatigue" occurs when we don't give our brain enough time to rest, relax, and reboot. While solving many pressing problems and issues during the day, we forget how important it is to simply stop to restore clarity of thought.

Harris advises switching to something calming at least 30 minutes before bedtime. You can think about the problems tomorrow. In the evening, you should relax, watch a light comedy movie, read a book, or just meditate. You can take a scented bath or a warm shower. The psychologist also recommends using one of three miracle techniques.

Technique 1: To-do list

Think about what you need to do tomorrow. But you need to focus on pleasant everyday chores. Write a list of the food you'll buy at the supermarket tomorrow. Plan your day by the hour. Imagine how you will spend the weekend. This way, according to the psychologist, you will "gather all your worries and tasks in one place." Systematization will help you calm down.

Technique 2: Personal diary

Try keeping a personal diary at the end of each day. Write down your thoughts, events, and plans. You can also keep a gratitude diary, recalling pleasant and positive moments that happened during the day and giving thanks for them.

Technique 3: Distancing yourself from anxiety

Harris suggests starting "anxiety minutes." For example, set aside 20 minutes every day during which you can give free rein to your anxious thoughts worry, stress, and panic.

"It may sound strange, but allow yourself 20 minutes to just worry without interruption," Harris said. This technique is suitable for anxious people who like negative visualization and always imagine that something bad will happen. So you will have a structured specific time - 20 minutes for anxiety, and try to live the rest of the day without panic.

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