How to easily wash and dry a heavy blanket

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How to wash and dry a heavy blanket

A warm blanket is useful not only for sleep and comfort. Studies show that therapeutic blankets, which weigh between 2 and 10 kg, can benefit people suffering from anxiety and insomnia. By using deep pressure stimulation, the blankets relax the nervous system and simulate the feeling of being hugged.

Still, trying to wash and dry a heavy blanket is a separate kind of stress. Experts have given tips on how to cope with this task quickly and efficiently.

Tips for washing

First, a few general guidelines. It is worth buying a removable cover so that you can wash it instead of the blanket itself. Use a mild detergent, avoidin laundry aids such as fabric softener, bleach, vinegar, baking soda, or salt.

Do not wash at high temperatures as it can damage the fibers. Not only do you need to check the specific care instructions on the label, you should also make sure that the weight of the blanket does not exceed the permissible limit for the washing machine. Even if your blanket weighs less, don't forget that it will soak up water, making it much heavier.

If the weight of the quilt exceeds the limit for the washing machine, fill the tub with warm water and leave the blanket in a mild detergent without bleach for 15-30 minutes, shaking it from time to time. Then drain the tub and rinse the blanket thoroughly. You may have to drain and refill the tub with clean water several times to make sure you get all the suds out.

Finally, roll the blanket up tightly to get as much water out as possible. Then lay it out on a surface to dry, making sure the internal contents are evenly distributed.

Which duvets should not be hand or machine washed

Weighty blankets with organic fillers such as corn, beans, rice or sand should be left to professionals. Natural fillers do not hold up well under water: they can get wet or moldy, and sand will form lumps.

How often do you need to wash the blanket

Experts advise washing the blanket (or better yet, the removable cover) every few weeks to eliminate the accumulation of sweat, grease, and bacteria. If you only use the blanket occasionally for sleeping or watching TV, washing it 4-6 times a year is sufficient. Avoid washing it too often to maintain the durability of the material and even distribution of the filler.

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