How to easily remove grease from the oven grate: you will need a product that every housewife has

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The grilles will shine like new

The oven may shine from the outside, but every housewife knows that the inside is not so shiny. During cooking, fat is melted from the food, which remains on the baking sheets and racks, and it is not easy to clean it off because it is dangerous to do so when it is hot, and extremely difficult after it has cooled down.

However, Kobieta magazine assures you that in almost every kitchen you can find a product that will clean the insides of the oven so that it looks like new. And it's a common baking powder.

What is the standard algorithm for cleaning an oven? First, you need to disassemble the front wall to wash the glass door, then remove the rails and clean the inside, including the fan on the inner rear wall. And the grill and baking trays are the last thing to go. And the rack is always the most troublesome.

To prepare an effective cleaner for it, mix a large packet of baking powder with water to form a paste. Spread it evenly over the bars, leave it on for 30 minutes, and then simply rinse it off with warm water. And that's it.

If the dirt on the grill is really difficult, then a similar paste should be prepared from a few tablespoons of baking soda and water. On stubborn stains, this product can be left overnight - it will not damage the metal structure itself. It can also be used to clean stains on a stove or kettle.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, an equally simple and effective tool will help clean burnt stains from an iron .

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