How to dry shoes quickly: useful tips

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How to dry shoes in winter

Winter weather is a time of colds. It's very easy to catch a virus, especially if you have a weakened immune system, so it's not for nothing that we've heard instructions since childhood that we should keep our feet warm and dry.

If the trouble does happen and your shoes get wet, you should take immediate action to dry them as soon as possible. OBOZ.UA tells you how to quickly dry your shoes after getting them wet.

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Let's start with the simplest. If you come home with wet feet, but you have neither time to dry your shoes nor any quick-drying products, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner. Experts advise choosing the blowing option, putting a hose in the shoe, and turning on the device at the desired power. Be careful not to damage the insole. A hair dryer is also suitable for drying, but note that high temperatures can deform the shoe.

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When you bought your shoes, you probably noticed a bag of silica gel in the shoe box. Most often, this bag is simply ignored and thrown in the trash. However, the granular, porous substance is needed to control moisture. Silica gel is a dried silicic acid gel. Scientists claim that it is chemically and biologically harmless. However, you should be careful: silica gel is a fire and explosive substance.

If you don't have a sachet of silica gel, you can pour rice into small bags and place it in your shoes. Rice is a natural moisture absorber, but the bags should be breathable.

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Our grandmothers used to use salt to dry their shoes. You need to heat the salt in a dry frying pan, pour it into your socks, tie them carefully so that the particles do not spill out onto the insole, and place them inside the shoe.

When the salt has cooled, repeat the process. You can also use baking soda instead of salt.

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Finally, here is a not very fast but quite popular life hack. You can fill your shoes with paper and leave them to dry overnight. Paper towels, napkins, or even old newspapers will do. However, the filler should be changed every two hours.

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