How to double cucumber harvest: gardeners' secrets

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Harvesting cucumbers

Cucumbers are fairly unpretentious crops. However, few people know how to double their yields with little effort. You don't have to sow the seeds a second time and you don't need to grow seedlings.

The secret is simple, and the main thing is caring for the root system. OBOZ.UA tells you about effective life hacks that will help make sure that cucumbers bear fruit twice a season.

First stage

In early summer, in the first June heat, cucumbers usually already produce long stems. Experienced gardeners recommend pressing each of these stems firmly to the soil. If the shoots don't give in, don't be afraid to secure them with a rope and peg or press them down with a small load. After fixing, the shoots should be watered generously.

The essence of this method is to grow additional roots. In a week, the shoots will take root in the soil and put down the first roots. Then the weight and pegs should be removed.

The tops of the cucumbers will begin to grow rapidly. With the help of additional roots, it will receive more nutrients, which will contribute to the ripening of large and high-quality fruits.

Second stage

The next stage is pinching, which will contribute to a larger harvest. Experts advise removing the shoots in the axils of the first five to eight leaves and the ovaries in the axils of the first two to four leaves. Sharp scissors, knives, or secateurs will come in handy, but be careful not to damage other leaves, ovaries, or the stem of young plants.

Slices must be disinfected, for example, with brilliant green, to protect against pests and infections.

Third stage

Next, move on to mulching. The ideal mulch will be:

  • humus
  • sawdust
  • straw
  • peat

Freshly cut grass should not be used as cucumbers can pick up pests and various rot from it.

The mulch layer should be laid so that it does not come into contact with the stems.

You should also pay attention to artificial pollination and loosening the soil. Cucumbers need soil air, otherwise, the plant will grow more slowly. Insufficient air circulation will also cause the ovaries to shed.

Approximately once every two weeks, experts recommend feeding cucumbers with a mixture of milk and water in a ratio of 1:2.

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