How to dive seedlings correctly: there are three ways

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How to dive seedlings

Seedling diving is an important stage in growing seedlings, which involves transplanting seedlings from one place to another. The plants must have more space for the development of the root system and the aboveground part.

This process can be stressful for seedlings, so it is important to do it correctly and take into account the characteristics of the culture. OBOZ.UA has collected three methods of diving, among which you will find the one that is ideal for your plants.

It is important not to dive seedlings too early, because the seedlings may still be weak. But you shouldn't delay it either. The best time to dive is when the seedlings have 2-3 true leaves. As a rule, they appear 2-3 weeks after germination.

Conventional transplanting

This is the most common way to dive seedlings. It is suitable for most crops, both flower and vegetable.

First, water the seedlings abundantly and let them stand for about two hours. Then choose a container that is a few centimeters larger than the one in which the plant is growing now. Fill 3\4 of it with soil, compact it a little, and make a hole as deep as the length of the seedling's root.

Then carefully remove the plant from the pot with a spoon and place it in the hole. If the plants are large enough, they can be slightly buried in the ground up to the cotyledon leaves.

Pour the transplanted seedling with water at room temperature and place it in a well-lit place.

How to dive seedlings correctly: there are three ways

Alternative picking

If the plants are not tall, you can use an alternative dive. It is very convenient when the seedlings grow very close to each other.

About an hour before the procedure, water the seedlings to keep the soil moist. Then pour the soil together with the plants on the table and carefully separate them from each other. Holding the seedlings by the cotyledon leaves, plant them in separate containers.

Finally, compact the soil and water the plants.


This method of diving is suitable for seedlings with delicate roots. It consists in transplanting the seedlings together with the clod of earth in which they grew.

How to dive seedlings correctly: there are three ways

A few days before the dive, stop watering the plant so that the clump is strong and easy to remove from the pot.

Choose a larger container, fill it with soil, and then remove the plant from the old pot with the soil and repot it. Fill in the remaining voids with soil and water the seedlings abundantly.

This method of diving is the safest for seedlings, as it does not involve any risk of root damage.

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