How to determine the "human" age of your cat: a table

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The cat's age is not marked on appearance as human age is

We have a tendency to humanize our companion animals—attributing our desires and emotions to them and even creating imaginary dialogues for them. This tendency extends to our perceptions of their age. Pets go through a life cycle that mirrors human development, from infancy with their mothers to senile illnesses. Although the stages in a cat's life differ significantly from ours in terms of duration and ratio, people have devised methods to determine a cat's age in human years.

As OBOZREVATEL discovered, the most common method involves simply multiplying the cat's age by seven. However, in the first year, which is assumed to be equivalent to seven years for humans, a young cat can already become a mother for the first time, introducing significant discrepancies. Nevertheless, this remains one of the most widely used ways to calculate a cat's "human" age. Over time, these scales do converge, and a 10-year-old cat is indeed considered an animal of respectable age, much like a 70-year-old person.

There is also a slightly more complex formula for calculation. For instance, cats under 5 years old are assigned one calendar year for every seven "human" years, from 6 to 12 years old— one year for every four, and then one year for every three. According to this approach, a 10-year-old cat is equivalent to a 53-year-old person. Here is a table that enables you to compare the numbers if you prefer this method.

How to determine the ''human'' age of your cat: a table

These conventions arise from a deep love for animals and a desire to feel closer to them. However, veterinarians emphasize that, under conditions of home care and proper attention, a cat can live actively and healthily for 12-15 years or even longer. Notably, the longest-lived cat among felines is recognized as Krim Puff. She lived with her owner in Austin, Texas (USA) for an impressive 38 years and 3 days - from August 3, 1967, to August 6, 2005. This remarkable achievement is documented in the Guinness Book of Records.

If you are unsure about your cat's age and want to comprehend its activity level and care requirements, it is advisable to consult a professional veterinarian. The veterinarian will assess the cat's age based on factors such as teeth condition, coat, behavior, and potential diseases, providing all necessary recommendations.

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