How to determine a cat's breed if you don't know it: a life hack

You can identify a cat's breed by its appearance

There are times when owners don't know the breed of their pet. This may be because the cat was given as a gift or picked up from the street.

If you still want to determine the breed of your animal, pay attention to its appearance. OBOZREVATEL has found a way to help you address this issue.

The shape of the ears, eye color, and coat color can provide valuable insights about your pet. With knowledge of these characteristics, you can search the internet for images that will help you identify the breed and learn more about your cat.

However, it's not as straightforward if the cat is a mixed breed. Finding the right characteristics can be more challenging, but you can at least recognize the likely ancestry of your pet. Then, using this new information, you can search for further details.

Make sure to compare the shape of the muzzle, ears, and eye color with pictures of cats from various breeds. This will assist you in finding a similar cat more quickly.

For an exact answer to this question, consult a felinologist, or a cat specialist. Through an examination, they can determine which cat breed your pet resembles.

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