How to cool down a room without windows: effective tricks

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A fan is one of the best ways to deal with the heat in the room

If you live in a house that has a room without windows inside, you know how hot it can get in that room. As a rule, such a room has very poor or no ventilation and it is not easy to equip it with an air conditioner. In new apartments, such niche rooms are often used as a bedroom. It can be very difficult to fall asleep here in the heat.

But Lifehacker has collected several effective ways to lower the temperature in such a room. All of them are simple and affordable.

Turn off the lights

Old incandescent light bulbs give off a lot of heat. Turning them off will reduce the overall temperature. Switching to cooler LED or fluorescent bulbs will also help.

Turn off appliances

Even if you're not actively using your computer or TV, not to mention your refrigerator and other appliances, they still get hot. Consider which of these appliances can be moved and which can be unplugged when not in use.

Look for alternative types of air conditioners

Most air conditioners are designed to utilize outdoor air and are not suitable for rooms without exterior walls, but even an indoor room can be equipped with a cooling system. This can be a built-in in-wall air conditioner, an evaporative cooler that refreshes the room by evaporating a supply of water, or a portable system that can be connected to a window via a flexible hose and will force fresh air into the room.

Beat the heat with a fan

A fan blowing around the room is a time-tested cooling technique, and in a room without windows, it will be even more effective. You can install the unit in a variety of ways.

On the ceiling. The arrangement of such a system will require some work, but it can be very effective. For example, setting the ceiling fan to pull air from below will allow cooler air to circulate in the room.

Standing fan. The simplest fans on a leg are better off with two. Direct one toward the ceiling and the other toward the door from the room. This arrangement will help to effectively expel the most heated layer of air from the room.

Exhaust fan. Such systems are arranged in bathrooms. They extract part of the hot air into the ventilation of the house. Do not expect great power from them, but partly they will still solve the problem.

Fan with an ice cooler. This is not really a separate type of fan, but rather a way to make it more efficient. Place a bucket or bowl of ice directly in front of the unit and it will blow cooler air masses in front of it while the ice melts.

Repaint your home

This trick can be used for private houses. If you repaint the building together with the roof in a light color, it will not heat up as much. You can also use a special high-tech paint that reflects heat and helps to cool the house without additional devices. But such paint should be applied by professionals who know how to work with it.

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