How to clean your favorite light sneakers: they will be as good as new

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How to clean white shoes

White sneakers are the most versatile footwear for both women and men, but unfortunately not the most practical. Probably everyone has encountered dirt that is almost impossible to remove from light shoes. Today, however, you will learn how to whiten your sneakers to make them look almost like new.

While researching methods for cleaning white shoes, Lifehacker experts tested baking soda and vinegar, nail polish remover, and a melamine sponge. To find out which method was the most effective, read on.

Baking soda and vinegar are widely used in everyday life, so there were high hopes that this mixture would cope with the dirt on white shoes. However, to the surprise of the experts, this method did not work.

Therefore, they had to look for other ways to remove yellow and brown stains that cannot be removed by normal washing.

Dirt on white sneakers

Nail polish remover

Acetone solution is usually used to remove nail polish, but it can also be used for other household tasks.

It turned out that the acetone solution does an excellent job of removing dirt on white shoes, especially when it comes to the soles. But after strong friction with a napkin, small scuffs remain on the shoes, so this method cannot be called ideal.

Melamine sponge

A melamine sponge is an innovative cleaning product that is made from a chemical composed of many small crystals. They have abrasive properties, which makes the sponge effective for removing dirt and stains from various surfaces.

The experiment made it clear that the melamine sponge did an excellent job of cleaning the white shoes. The yellow stains disappeared almost instantly after a little friction. The melamine even polished off the scuff marks left by acetone.

White sneakers cleaned of dirt

So, the melamine sponge has proven to be the best tool for cleaning white shoes from stains. In addition, its huge advantage is that you don't have to dip your sneakers in water to wash off the dirt.

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