How to clean the battery radiator from dust: a quick and reliable way

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How to clean the battery radiator from dust

When doing general cleaning, housewives don't always pay attention to batteries, which also accumulate a lot of dust. One of the reasons for avoiding wiping them is inconvenience, because it is difficult to get to the deep places where there is the most dirt.

OBOZ.UA has found an effective method that will help you quickly cope with this. You don't need any special device or cleaning product for this.

Old-style cast iron batteries are easier to clean because there is enough space to put your hand in and wipe the necessary areas with a rag. But modern aluminum batteries require a lot of effort to clean.

There are narrow gaps between the radiator fins that you can't squeeze a rag or a thin brush through.

To clean these batteries quickly and effectively, all you need is a spray bottle. Lay a large cloth or an old towel on the floor, then use the spray bottle to wash all the dust off the radiator and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

If you have a powerful vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle, you can use this method. Vacuum the dust out of the crevices. You won't be able to remove all the dirt in one go, so you'll need to repeat the procedure several times.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published expert explanations on how and when it is better to carry out general cleaning in the house.

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