How to clean soft toys: a universal product from the kitchen will help

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Children spend a lot of time with their toys, so it is important that they are hygienically clean

Caring parents know how important it is to clean their children's soft toys on time and thoroughly. They spend a lot of time in close contact and get quite dirty. Therefore, the problem is always relevant.

Experts say that a universal tool for keeping the whole house clean will help solve this issue. As OBOZ.UA found out, it is white vinegar.

To clean a soft toy well with vinegar, you will need a vessel or a large enough sink, a mesh laundry bag, white vinegar, water, and a little dishwashing liquid. Begin by putting the toy in the bag and placing it in a large enough bowl. Next, fill this bowl with a warm solution consisting of one part vinegar and two parts water, along with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Soak the toy in this liquid for several minutes. This will remove dirt from its surface. After that, the item can be sent to the washing machine.

This soaking will be useful because of the softening properties of vinegar and its ability to kill bacteria. After treatment, the toy will be pleasant to the touch and hygienically clean.

Don't forget about some rules for caring for soft toys. If the fur of a stuffed animal is tangled or stained, treat the problem area with a cleaning solution using a sponge. And only then soak it.

Before putting your toy in the washing machine, be sure to find and read the care label. This will help you choose the right detergent and machine cycle.

If for some reason you want to wash the toy by hand, leave it in the cleaning solution for 15-60 minutes. After that, rinse the object thoroughly in the solution, squeeze it several times to clean out the stuffing, then drain the soapy water and rinse it thoroughly until the water running out of it is clear.

Do not twist the washed toy, but squeeze it out of the water. First, just with your hands, and then with a large towel. It is best to air dry such items, not in a tumble dryer. For additional disinfection, toys can be laid out on the bed - ultraviolet light also has an antibacterial effect.

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