How to clean nail polish stains on clothes: an affordable life hack

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How to remove nail polish from fabric

Nowadays, most women go to manicurists instead of painting their nails themselves. However, this doesn't mean that they don't use regular varnish anymore. Sometimes it may be needed in everyday life, and sometimes it comes in handy to tint shellac.

That is, there is still a risk that the varnish will get on your clothes. But there are several life hacks on how to remove the stain from the fabric without damaging it, House Digest was told.

Usually, when nail polish gets on clothes, everyone immediately tries to remove it with acetone. This may work, but there is a high probability that acetone will ruin the color and texture of the fabric. However, there are other liquids that will perfectly cope with such contamination.

Hydrogen peroxide

Before cleaning a fabric, it is worth testing its reaction to peroxide. If the appearance of the fabric has not changed, you can proceed.

If the peroxide content exceeds 3%, be sure to add a little warm water to it. Next, soak a soft towel or microfiber cloth in the solution and gently wipe the stain several times until it becomes completely light.

Soak the remaining stains in the peroxide solution for a short time and put the item in the washing machine.


Unlike peroxide, alcohol works in seconds. If the previous method of removing nail polish did not work for your fabric, add a little water to the alcohol to reduce its strength and start removing the stain with a soft towel or microfiber cloth. After almost nothing remains of the stain, the item should be washed.

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