How to clean mirrors and windows to avoid streaks: a simple way

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How to clean windows and mirrors

Cleaning windows and mirrors can be a real challenge because of the constant streaks. They are hard to avoid. Even expensive cleaning products sometimes leave marks.

However, there are several cleaning methods that can help make glass surfaces shiny and sparkling. The Sun has shared some of the most affordable and effective life hacks.

How to clean windows and mirrors

Before using cleaning products, wipe the glass with a paper towel to remove dust and grease stains.

There is one very cheap life hack: after applying the detergent, wipe the windows with a newspaper. It does not leave lint, but it can damage the frames with ink.

You can also use a cotton cloth for cleaning by wiping the glass with gentle side-to-side movements in one direction. Microfiber cloths also do not leave streaks. Experts recommend applying shaving foam to a microfiber cloth and gently polishing the surface.

Avoid any products with soaps, fragrances, or dyes as these additives can leave streaks and stains on mirrors and windows.

Another reason why streaks remain on mirrors and windows after cleaning is because you rub the glass. Press the glass very gently, avoiding circular motions.

How to clean glass

The best option is white vinegar. It sometimes works better than expensive cleaning products.

Take an empty spray bottle and pour water and vinegar into it in a 4:1 ratio. Spray the mixture on the glass and wipe it with a newspaper, cotton towel, or microfiber cloth.

This affordable product can also be used for other cleaning purposes, such as removing stubborn grease from oven racks or limescale from a kettle.

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