How to clean grease on the extractor hood filter: a simple method that restores cleanliness

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Only a clean extractor hood can work efficiently

Protecting the kitchen from messes and stains, the hood takes the brunt of grease and other dirt that forms during cooking. At the same time, the hood itself becomes clogged from the inside with this dirt, which can make it work worse and require regular cleaning. Especially the mesh, on which all the trapped particles settle.

OBOZREVATEL has collected some tips on how to effectively clean the hood mesh. And how to care for this appliance in general.

The soaking method

Since the contaminants that collect on the hood mesh dry out quickly enough, it will have to be soaked one way or another to clean it properly. A common dishwashing detergent can help. Dissolve it in hot water according to the instructions on the package and place the mesh in the solution for several hours. If possible, keep the temperature of the solution constant. After a while, the grease will soften and can be easily removed with the hard side of a kitchen sponge.


Ammonia is a great solution for really stubborn stains that soap and water won't remove. To clean the hood mesh with ammonia, you need to ensure safe working conditions - protect your respiratory tract and work in a well-ventilated area that is closed so that ammonia air does not enter the room.

Take 100 ml of ammonia and dissolve it in 3.5 liters of warm water. Soak the mesh in this solution for several hours (2-4 depending on the degree of contamination). When the object is dry, brush it with a stiff brush. The dirt should come off easily. The only thing left to do is to rinse the mesh properly under running water.

Care of the interior of the hood

While the grill soaks in the cleaning agent, you should also take care of the other internal elements of the appliance. They will be well treated with a solution of dishwashing detergent. It is important to remove all residual grease and carbon deposits. The cleaner the hood is after cleaning, the better it will work.

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