How to clean gold jewelry to make it shine like new: tips from jewelers

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How to clean gold jewelry to shine

Gold can be not only a durable piece of jewelry, but also a smart investment. Traditionally, gold jewelry has been passed down from generation to generation without losing value over time.

It is important to know the simplest rules for cleaning jewelry. There are certain materials and methods that should be avoided. Experts told us about the most effective products and best tips for cleaning gold.

Surface cleaning

Sarah Munro, creative director and co-founder of Australian jewelry house Sarah & Sebastian, and Dalena Le, head of design at luxury jewelry brand By Charlotte, said the easiest way to clean gold jewelry is to immerse it in warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent.

"Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently brush the jewelry to remove dirt and grease, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth," the experts said.

You can also buy a cloth for polishing pure gold or an ultrasonic cleaner that removes dirt with vibrating waves.

Preventive measures work best for jewelry with gold vermeil or plating, as they are somewhat more difficult to clean without damaging the surface. Store such jewelry in a dry and cool place. It is important to protect the jewelry from moisture, so it is better to take it off when swimming or taking a shower.

Avoid any overly abrasive substances to avoid scratches on the surface.

How to restore shine to gold jewelry

A polishing cloth is the best way to restore the shine of gold jewelry. It is very easy to use - you just need to wipe the surface of the products.

"For pure gold models with precious stones, use a cleaning solution every few weeks along with a polishing cloth," the experts advise.

What not to clean gold with

Avoid using bleach, harsh chemicals, or abrasive cleaners. Precious stones and alloys are very sensitive.

The Internet often advises a life hack with toothpaste, but its abrasive structure can cause scratches.

"It is very important to first determine the type of metal your jewelry is made of. Is it sterling silver, solid gold, or gold plated/vermeil? Each type will have its own optimal cleaning method," said Dalena Le.

Jewelry made of solid gold is the easiest to clean, while vermeil and gilded jewelry have a very thin layer of precious metal, which makes them sensitive to abrasion.

Proper storage of gold jewelry is an excellent preventive measure to avoid tarnishing. You should avoid contact of jewelry with suntan lotions, perfumes, creams, and take them off while playing sports and swimming in pools.

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