How to clean dirty Lego: mom tricks that will make life easier

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How to clean a Lego set

Lego is a world-recognized leader among construction sets. Kids and adults alike love sets of parts for assembling and modeling various objects. Lego has a long history: the company, founded in Denmark in 1932, initially produced ordinary wooden toys. Lego plastic construction sets were first produced after the Second World War, in 1949, and since then the company has been actively expanding its business, producing cartoons and games and opening amusement parks.

Experts say that for children, construction sets are a good example of how to solve technical problems. Besides, the details help to develop fine motor skills. However, it is worth remembering that the construction set needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it can accumulate not only dirt but also various bacteria and even mold. The Seven News publication told us how to clean the construction set.

Multi-colored plastic bricks and minifigures should be washed by disassembling the created structures, vehicles, etc. into small parts.

An Australian mom shared an unusual way she cleans Lego bricks. In Facebook group Mums Who Clean, she published a post that quickly gained popularity.

The advice is simple, "Wash Lego in the dishwasher. It works incredibly fast and easy."

Social media users advise to put the construction set on the top shelf of the dishwasher and turn on the low temperature.

The only risk is that the stickers may come off the parts.

How to clean dirty Lego: mom tricks that will make life easier

There is one more life hack: you can wash the construction set with water and vinegar in the bathtub.

After washing Lego, be sure to dry it thoroughly as water or moisture accumulation can lead to mold.

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