How to clean a washing machine: the easiest way

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Life hacks for washing

Neglecting to maintain your washing machine can significantly shorten its service life. In fact, the appliance becomes quite dirty after removing stains from clothes, towels, and bedding.

In particularly advanced cases, the washing machine may even emit an unpleasant odor. Lifehacker has shared the easiest way to effectively clean your washing machine and prevent breakdowns.

Why you need to clean your washing machine

The reasons for cleaning your washing machine go beyond aesthetics and odors. Soap residue and chemicals from the detergent, as well as everything on your clothes - from dirt to lint - can create an unpleasant film inside. Not only can this affect the mechanism but it can also cause bacteria to spread.

An effective cleaning agent

There is no need to invent anything. As always, you can use the ingredients at hand. The easiest way is to pour a glass of vinegar directly into the drum and run a hot empty wash. This always works well for disinfecting and removing odors.

In more complicated cases, baking soda will come in handy. You can pour it into the softener tray or add it directly to the drum and run a hot empty cycle.

The life hack with baking soda and vinegar works very effectively. The washing machine drum will literally shine with cleanliness. These two ingredients neutralize odors better than any chemical conditioners or fragrances.

After washing, leave the machine open to allow it to air out and dry completely after the cleaning cycle.

An important note: baking soda and vinegar will help clean the surfaces, but you should also check the filter periodically. Be prepared for it to be quite dirty: from musty old water to lint, hair, and dirt. The filter should be cleaned with mild soap and water, and this should be done at least once every three months.

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