How to clean a mouse pad: effective tips for different materials

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Mouse pad

Mouse pads need to be cleaned regularly to keep them free of dirt and dust. Since most people use their laptops every day, touching the mousepad transfers dirt and germs to other surfaces.

How to clean a mousepad depends on the material it is made of. OBOZREVATEL has found effective tips to help you deal with this.

Mousepads are made of all kinds of materials. It can be leather, silicone, rubber, fabric, and even metal.


These mats are the most common and can be cleaned with warm water and soap. To do this, simply immerse the mat in water for 15 minutes and wash it with a toothbrush or cloth. Then leave the mat to dry.

Plastic and metal

Hard materials such as plastic and metal can be cleaned with a dishwasher with little effort. If you don't have such a machine, first shake the mat to get rid of any debris, then use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust.

Add soap or dishwashing detergent to warm water and use a paper towel to wash the mat. Then wipe it with a clean cloth and leave it to dry.

A mat with a photo

Specialty mats that have a photo printed on them need to be cleaned carefully to avoid damage. Wash the mat under warm water using soap and water, but avoid excessive friction. A gentle rinse in soapy water is sufficient.


Do not clean leather mats with dishwashing detergent. This can only damage it. First, use a clean cloth to wipe off dust and shake out any debris.

Next, apply a special leather cleaner to the microfiber cloth and wipe the mat. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label. Then leave it to dry.

To avoid damaging the material, you should test any chemicals in an inconspicuous area before cleaning.

Wash the mat weekly to avoid excessive dirt and dust accumulation.

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