How to clean a dog's teeth: safe methods

It's essential to maintain your dog's dental hygiene to prevent these problems

Most owners don't brush their pets' teeth, but it's worth doing every day because dental diseases are very common among dogs.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to kidney, liver, and heart disease. OBOZREVATEL has compiled tips to help you address this issue.

Tooth decay, inflammation, and infections can cause severe pain in dogs. Brushing your dog's teeth is an excellent preventive measure to prevent plaque buildup.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian company Ipsos, only 7% of owners brush their dogs' teeth daily. Even once a week is sufficient to maintain your pet's health.

To brush your dog's teeth, you will need a dog toothbrush and special toothpaste (do not use human toothpaste, as it contains toxic ingredients for dogs). It's best to start brushing your dog's teeth from an early age so the animal becomes accustomed to this daily routine.

If you already have an adult dog, you'll need to acclimate them to this procedure. Gently pull back their lips and gradually introduce brushing, ensuring not frighten them.

Begin by brushing the outside of the teeth, and as the dog becomes more comfortable, progress to the back teeth. Once the dog is accustomed to it, focus on using the correct brushing technique. Perform it in a circular motion without applying excessive force. The entire procedure should take about 30 seconds.

If you find it challenging, you can add the tooth powder to their food. This will help soften plaque and tartar, enhancing their oral hygiene to some extent.

There are also special dental chews for dogs. They can assist in preventing diseases and freshening your pet's breath.

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