How to clean a carpet: an unexpected way

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How to clean a carpet

Carpets can become a real breeding ground for bacteria if you neglect regular cleaning. Fungal spores can even accumulate between the fibers and the pile, leading to mold.

A rather unexpected life hack is gaining popularity on the Internet. It turns out that an iron can be useful in cleaning carpets. OBOZ.UA tells about a new method of cleaning carpets.

It turns out that the iron can not only get rid of untidy folds on clothes but also help you clean the carpet.

You will need:

  • laundry soap
  • a towel
  • and an iron itself.
How to clean a carpet: an unexpected way

Step 1. Rub the stain with laundry soap pre-soaked in water.

Step 2. Wait 10-15 minutes, sprinkle with additional water and cover the stained area with a towel.

Step 3. Place the preheated iron on the towel over the stained area. Do not leave the iron on for a long time, 5-7 seconds is enough.

Those who have already tried this life hack note that the iron and soap are most effective on fresh stains, but there is a chance to wash out old ones. All the dirt from the carpet will transfer to the towel under the influence of high temperatures and soap.

An important warning: before trying this cleaning method, test it on an inconspicuous area. It is worth making sure that the hot iron does not harm the pile and fibers on the carpet.

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