How to check if scales in a store show the right weight: a clever trick

Julia PeschanskayaLife
A clever trick with the phone

Most people have probably experienced a common situation when they were cheated at a market or in a store. Dishonest sellers try to make more money by interfering with the scales.

However, OBOZ.UA has found a clever trick to help you avoid this. Don't worry, you don't have to carry a scale with you, you only need one item that is always with us.


It is impossible to imagine a modern person without a smartphone, it is an indispensable thing without which we cannot go out. To check the seller, you only need to know the exact weight of your gadget. You can search for this information on the Internet or weigh it yourself.

If you have any suspicions about the scales' serviceability while shopping at the market, ask the seller to weigh your phone. In this case, you will immediately know if they are trying to deceive you.

The seller will definitely allow you to do this if they have nothing to hide. But if they forbid it, then this is a clear sign that something is wrong with the scales.

Be careful and use a simple life hack to avoid unpleasant situations at the market or in the store.

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