How to charge a new phone for the first time: do not fully discharge it

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Smartphone manufacturers advise against fully discharging the gadget

The day has come - you have decided to buy a new smartphone. In all likelihood, the salesperson in the store will advise you on a few important nuances regarding the first charge.

They might advise you to fully discharge your smartphone to zero and then charge it to 100%. Whether this is really a prerequisite for the further proper operation of the gadget and why you should not do it, we examined OBOZREVATEL.

Zero mark

Modern lithium-ion batteries are better not to be discharged at all until they are fully discharged. And a new smartphone, according to experts, can be fully discharged only after you have charged it 100% for the first time. Otherwise, there is a high risk of damaging the battery.

So a new phone should not be completely discharged immediately after purchase. On the contrary, the developers of smartphones advise to charge it to 100%, and then discharge it, and it is better - not until it is completely discharged.

Is it possible to charge a new smartphone in the car

Experts note that it is worth doing this only and as a last resort, and provided that the charging in the car is of good quality.

Thus, a full charge of the smartphone immediately after purchase is recommended by all manufacturers - so you can determine the maximum power capacity of the battery. The level of charge of the gadget cannot be measured by the strength of the voltage, so the correct determination depends on measuring the amount of incoming and outgoing energy.

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