How to care for your hair in winter: top 7 tips

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Hair care in winter

In winter, hair is especially affected by frost and temperature changes. Excessive dryness of the scalp causes dandruff.

To keep your hair shiny and healthy, you should know the basic principles of winter care. The details were provided by Healthshots. Winter weather deprives hair of its natural moisture, making it brittle, dehydrated and damaged. The ends split, the hair loses strength, and hair loss begins. And if you add daily thermal styling with hot temperatures, your hair will be a real disaster.

So here are 7 tips to help you avoid hair problems in winter.

Hot water is a taboo

The worst thing you can do to your hair in the cold season is to wash it with hot water. As a result, the hairstyle becomes unruly, and the hair becomes frizzy and overdried. Therefore, it is better to use lukewarm water.

Is it possible to comb wet hair

If you still have this habit, we advise you to get rid of it. Wet hair should not be brushed, as it is weakened and particularly vulnerable. This will lead to breakage. As a last resort, experts suggest using a comb with thin, fine teeth. You should also not comb your hair back after shampooing.

Thermal styling

"Straight hair - curl, curly hair - straighten" is the slogan of most women. Even knowing about the harmful effects of hair dryers and straighteners, we continue to use them.

However, the harmful chemicals contained in gels and other hair care products can even be toxic. You should definitely pay attention to the composition. Otherwise, they will have a negative impact not only on the hair, but also on the scalp or exposed areas of the body during heat treatment. This is not to mention the fact that hair becomes dry, coarse, and lacking in shine due to daily use of high temperatures.

Chemical treatment

You should not get carried away with perms or keratin hair straightening procedures. Experts have repeatedly spoken about their harm. Dryness, frizziness, split ends, brittleness, and even hair loss are possible side effects. These problems can get worse with regular use of hair styling products.

Shampoo and conditioner

When buying shampoo and conditioner, be sure to read the ingredients. Care products with sulfates, parabens, or formaldehyde should be avoided. Winter already makes the scalp dry. Choose moisturizers and try not to wash your hair often.

Oils for moisturizing

Coconut and argan oils are especially useful. Oil massage of the scalp will improve hair follicles, increase blood flow, relax and energize. It is also recommended to use jojoba oil. By doing this procedure at least twice a week, you can get rid of dandruff. Be sure to moisturize the split ends with oils to reduce their fragility.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids should be included in your diet. They are proven to improve skin and hair health. If you consume omega-3s regularly, your hair will become thicker and stronger. This will have a positive effect on their growth. The best source of omega-3 is fish. Vegetarians can benefit from walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds.

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