How to attract a man: phrases women can use to make the chosen one lose their mind

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Make him feel special with your words

The art of communication is to inspire other people with your words. The same goes with love. A properly formulated message to a loved one inspires and brings them closer. Contrary to the stereotypes of alleged insensitivity, men are also very fond of such phrases. Moreover, they can be used to win a man's heart.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of phrases that men find attractive. Use them in communication with those you want to charm, and the effect will not be long in coming.


Compliments regarding one's appearance are the most common type, but they often seem insincere to people or touch on deep feelings that can ruin the mood. Therefore, it is better to be creative and praise a man for some other qualities. However, the compliment should come from the heart.

"You are not like everyone else". Feeling special to someone is a priceless feeling. Psychologists emphasize that this belief can open even the most closed heart. The main thing is to say it sincerely and not throw such words around.

"You make me laugh". Open any dating app or website. In the vast majority of profiles, men emphasize their sense of humor. If you really like his jokes, tell him about it and he will definitely be very pleased to hear it.

"I feel good with you". To avoid guessing which compliment will hit the bull's eye, just tell him how you feel. A man will be pleased to hear that you are happy with him the way he is.

"You're so smart". Unlike appearance, which largely depends on heredity, intelligence is the result of purposeful work on yourself. Appreciate this result, and the man will shine with happiness.

"You cooked an incredible dinner/repaired something perfectly in the house/skillfully solved this issue/gave great advice." If your husband makes efforts for you, let him feel your gratitude. This is inspiring and gives you the feeling that his care is valuable to you and you need it.

Hook phrases

With these words, you will not only show a man that he is important to you but also demonstrate yourself from the best side. And what can bring you closer than the feeling that you are perfect for each other.

"I trust you completely". Mistrust breeds disappointment, while trust gives confidence and a sense of freedom. If you have no doubts about your husband's words and actions, say so directly. It is inspiring.

"I feel very calm and safe with you." Whatever one may say, gender stereotypes require a man to be a stone wall for his beloved. Don't let him doubt that he is that wall for you.

"I'm so proud of you". This is another manifestation of how special your husband is to you. If he has achieved some success, there is hardly any better praise for him than to hear that you are proud of him.

"I was wrong". The ability to admit your mistakes and make compromises is not only very useful for relationships: it can also be very attractive. However, this should also be a sincere confession, not a manipulation.

"It's so good that I can rely on you." Reliability is important in any partner, both romantic and business. If you feel that the man you are with is like that, say so. He will definitely try his best not to betray this trust.

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