How to achieve unprecedented success in the Year of the Dragon: five principles

Astrological tips for the year of the Dragon

The Dragon element symbolizes wisdom, strength, stability and reliability. According to the Eastern calendar, the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon will begin on February 10 and end on January 28, 2025. This creature is quite wayward and difficult, so you will have to try hard to succeed.

Astrologers have published five principles that will help you move forward confidently in the new year and realize all your dreams. The Dragon promises that the year will be full of opportunities and challenges but you should calculate your strength and listen to valuable advice.

Symbol of the year

The Dragon is responsible for ambition, passion, and creativity. In Chinese tradition, it is a highly revered creature that symbolizes auspiciousness, good luck, and strong energy. Emperors used it as a symbol of power, and stories tell of heroes who rode dragons on heavenly journeys. To make 2024 a successful year, you should follow important principles.


Fuel your ambitions. Don't be afraid to express yourself in creativity. The Dragon loves the brave and will help you implement risky projects. This year, don't be afraid of big dreams.


Find yourself in art. The Dragon appreciates innovative solutions and bold visions. Let your imagination roam free, explore new paths, and be true to yourself.


Develop resilience. Do not be afraid of obstacles and do not let them extinguish your inner fire. Be persistent.


Develop strong relationships. You should surround yourself with people who share your goals. Collaboration and trust are essential to get through the ups and downs.


Maintain balance. While the Dragon fuels your ambitions, find moments of calm to avoid burnout. Go outdoors more often, do something for your own pleasure, create, travel, and restore your inner strength.

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