How often should you wash your bra and what is the best way to do it

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Experts recommend washing bras by hand

It is very important to take care of the cleanliness of underwear, because it comes into contact with very sensitive parts of the body. And while everything is clear with underwear, it needs to be changed at least once a day and washed after each wearing, the bra is not so simple.

OBOZREVATEL asked lingerie manufacturers and experts for advice on this matter. And they told us how to navigate when it's time to wash your bra.

How often should you wash your bra

In fact, you need to focus on the characteristics of your body and your own lifestyle. Usually, manufacturers recommend sending this item of underwear to the washing machine drum after 2-3 wearings to keep it fresh and in good condition. But in reality, there are no strict rules.

Your personal activity level, weather, personal hygiene requirements, etc. can affect the frequency of bra washing. For example, if you went outdoors on a hot day, it would be logical to send the item to the wash right away. If it's a model for everyday wear and the weather is cool, you can take your time and wear it a few more times.

There are three main reasons for regularity: hygiene, odor control, and skin health. Each time you wash your bra, sweat, grease and dead skin cells are removed from the fabric, which contributes to its hygienic cleanliness. The absence of these organic particles also avoids the development of bacteria, which can cause the item to start smelling unpleasant. This is also important for women with sensitive skin, as a stale bra can cause irritation, rashes, and in some cases even skin infections.

How to wash this item correctly

You can wash bras in different ways, but most manufacturers recommend hand washing. It will help to preserve the structure of the fabric and the density of the material from which the cups are made for longer. Machine washing can be too intense for bras made of delicate fabrics. It can impair their elasticity and lead to bone loss.

The best way to start hand washing your bra is to soak it in slightly warm water with mild detergent. After that, it will need to be wiped over the entire surface, paying special attention to the areas around the armpits and the elastic band. Finally, rinse the item in running water and let it air dry.

Under no circumstances should this item of lingerie be dried in a machine or on heating appliances. Heat can damage the bra and change its fit on the body.

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