How often should you clean common household items: insights from a professional cleaner

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How often you should clean common household items

Housewives clean, wash, launder, and vacuum every week to keep their homes clean and cozy. However, we need to pay attention not only to the floor, cabinets, or dishes but also to other things we use every day.

Dirt and germs can lurk in the most inconspicuous places. The Sun published tips from professional cleaner Kim Woodburn, who shared her cleaning tricks.

Woodburn emphasized that in the modern world, many cleaning tools can help keep your home clean. She made a list of everyday things that need to be cleaned more often than most people usually do, and some people avoid it altogether.


To keep your bed clean, you need to wash not only the bedding but also the pillows themselves. Make sure you can wash the pillow yourself by reading the label on it. Some materials can only be washed by hand. Put a special cover on the pillow and start the washing machine. Do this once every six months.


Wash your sheets in a washing machine once a week, using a temperature setting of at least 60 or 80 degrees Celsius. Hot water will kill all germs and remove stubborn dirt.


The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on the number of people and pets living in the apartment. Usually, it should be done once every three months. If you live in a private home, you can wash your carpet yourself outside on a sunny, dry day with laundry detergent.

Kitchen towels

Towels should be washed every day or every two to three days. It all depends on how often you use them. This should be done responsibly because towels harbor germs that can get into food and lead to food poisoning.

Woodburn recommends soaking kitchen towels overnight or even for several days in hot water with a few drops of detergent. Then wash them in the machine on the shortest cycle.

Bath towels

These towels should not be used more than three times a week. Due to the constant humidity in the bathroom, bacteria and germs multiply quickly on them, so wash them several times a week.

Makeup brushes

If you use makeup brushes every day, you should clean them twice a week. Because they accumulate germs and dirt, which can lead to skin rashes. Just soak the brushes in warm water and clean them with soap and water. Dry them with a tissue and leave them to dry, rather than putting them in a cosmetic bag.

Cell phone, computer keyboard

A lot of dirt and dust accumulate on gadgets because we don't wash our hands before each use, and this is quite logical. So wipe your phone and laptop with a damp cloth every day to avoid transferring bacteria to your skin.

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