How not to rub your feet with new shoes: useful tips

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New shoes, especially, can be particularly harsh on your feet

The beginning of a new season always signifies the transition to new shoes, sometimes literally new ones just bought, initiating a period of adaptation to them. This transition often comes with the unpleasant phenomenon of rubbing on the skin of the feet. Calluses can be painful, hinder walking, and potentially become an entry point for infection. That's why it's important to address shoe rubbing.

OBOZREVATEL consulted foot and shoe care experts to gather proven tips for tackling the issue of rubbing. Here are the main tips they recommend.

Choose the right size

If your shoes are constantly causing rubbing, consider whether you are choosing the right size. Footwear that is either too small or too big can negatively affect the skin and cause injuries.

Firstly, to avoid sizing mistakes, refrain from buying shoes in the morning or on the first day of shopping. Throughout the day and long walks, our feet tend to swell, increasing in size. A perfect pair bought at the wrong time can feel too tight.

Additionally, try not to buy shoes without trying them on, especially if you're not 100% sure the pair will fit. If purchasing shoes online, use tables with detailed measurements to choose the right option for your foot length and width.

Use socks

Socks create a mechanical barrier between the foot and the shoe, preventing rubbing. Thick socks are also effective in stretching out a pair that feels a bit tight. Put them on over your shoes and walk around the house for a while; the material should spread out, making your shoes or boots more comfortable.

Protect your skin with a band-aid

Band-aids are an excellent way to protect vulnerable and exposed areas of your feet, acting as a mechanical barrier. They can also safeguard your feet if blisters and abrasions have already developed. In such cases, it's better to choose a patch with a bactericidal pad.

Buy special insoles

To shield the back of your heel from rubbing, consider adding an insole to your shoes. It elevates the foot, reducing the surface area between the heel and the back of the shoe or boot, making the footwear more comfortable overall.

Or try treads and silicone pads

These devices, similar in principle to insoles, are specifically used in problem areas. They prevent the heel from slipping inside the shoe, and the pads offer additional support, especially for new pairs that haven't softened yet. Some pads are attached to the tongue of the shoe, preventing forefoot rubbing.

Smear petroleum jelly on the skin

Petroleum jelly reduces friction between the material of the pair and the skin, preventing mechanical damage to the skin.

Use baby powder

For sweaty feet, excess moisture can increase friction. Socks usually help, but if your pair lacks this combination, treat your feet with baby powder before putting them on. It helps remove excess moisture, keeping your feet clean, and avoiding unpleasant odors.

Stretch out a tight pair

Various devices allow you to stretch your shoes, especially when dealing with genuine leather. Purchase stretchers in shoe stores or online. Alternatively, gently heat the material with a hairdryer, then put on a warm pair and walk around to expand it. You can also fill special bags with water, place them in your boots, and freeze them. When it freezes, the water expands, stretching the boots. Alcohol can also help stretch natural leather or textiles. Apply it to the heels of the shoe and then squeeze until it softens. These tips should help you address the issue of shoe rubbing, making your footwear experience more comfortable. 

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