How long dogs live: data on different breeds

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Small breeds live longer than giants, and sterilized dogs live longer than unsterilized ones

When we get a pet, we want it to live with us as long as possible, to be healthy and happy. Such an indicator as the life expectancy of a pet can partially help with this. In dogs, this figure depends to some extent on the breed.

According to the specialized publication Canine Journal, it also depends on the conditions of the animal's keeping and care. However, there are also scientifically calculated average figures.

What determines a dog's life expectancy

Whether your dog will be a long-liver is greatly influenced by your actions as an owner. But not only they. Here are the factors that are considered the most important.


As an owner, you can influence the conditions in which your dog lives. A dog with a proper, nutritious diet and regular exercise is likely to live longer than a dog that is fed whatever and not exercised. Medical support also plays a role. Annual veterinary examinations, regular parasite treatments, timely treatment, and regular vaccinations are also very important.


Studies show that giant breeds usually live less than small dogs. Thus, tiny Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Jack Russell Terriers are considered champions of longevity, with an average life expectancy of about 15 years. But the giants of the Great Dane or Zennenhund are lagging behind this indicator.

Inbreeding versus crossbreeding

To preserve the purity of the breed, especially for new types of dogs, breeders resort to closely related crossbreeding - inbreeding. This allows you to fix the external characteristics and certain character traits, but it has a bad effect on the animal's health. In contrast, crossbreeding - crossing different breeds - produces healthier offspring. That's why mongrels are generally healthier than their purebred relatives.


Yes, it can be very emotionally distressing to have your pet's reproductive organs removed. However, studies show that sterilized dogs of both sexes live longer than animals that have not undergone this operation. So, if you don't plan to breed dogs, sterilization is a good decision. At the very least, this way you will exclude the development of such common cancers as ovarian, mammary, and testicular tumors in your pets.

How long do different dog breeds live

The data below is approximate. However, a study published in the journal Nature provides scientifically sound conclusions by breed group regarding life expectancy at birth:

Terriers are the longest-lived breeds, with a life expectancy of 12.03 years at birth;

followed by hunting dogs - 11.67;

then purebred dogs - 11.66;

Shepherd dogs - 11.2;

hounds - 10.71;

indoor dogs - 10.67;

service dogs - 10.06.

However, these figures changed with age in different breed groups. Therefore, these data cannot be considered exhaustive. However, they give a certain idea of the innate health of different groups of dog breeds.

If we take specific breeds, the approximate data are as follows

Labrador retriever - 11 years;

French bulldog - 8-10 years;

Golden Retriever - 11 years old;

German Shepherd - 11 years old;

Poodle - 12 years old;

Bulldog - 8-12 years old;

beagle - 12-15 years old;

Rottweiler - 9 years old;

Kurzhaar - 12-14 years old;

Welsh Corgi - 12-15 years old;

Dachshund - 13-15 years old;

Australian Shepherd - 12-18 years old;

Yorkshire Terrier - 13-20 years old;

boxer - 9-10 years old;

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 9-14 years old;

Doberman - 10-13 years old;

Great Dane - 6-8 years old;

Zwergschnauzer - 12-14 years old;

Husky - 12-15 years old;

Bernese Sennenhund - 6-8 years old;

French Mastiff - 5-8 years old;

Irish Wolfhound - 6-10 years old;

Leonberger - 8-9 years old;

Newfoundland - 8-10 years old;

St. Bernard - 8-10 years old;

Deerhound - 8-10 years old;

Bloodhound - 9-11 years old;

Jack Russell Terrier - 12 years old;

Border Collie - 12 years old;

English Springer Spaniel - 12 years old;

outbred dog - 12 years old;

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 11 years old;

Cocker Spaniel - 11 years old;

Shih Tzu - 11 years old.

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