How long does a refrigerator keep cold without light: how to "help" it during a blackout

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The refrigerator can be prepared for power outages in advance

Power outages due to Russian shelling are becoming more prolonged, leaving more Ukrainians concerned about the fate of their refrigerators and the food inside. How long can they maintain cold temperatures under such conditions?

OBOZREVATEL continues its series of publications on the functionality of household appliances during power outages.

How long can a refrigerator keep a low temperature?

This duration varies for refrigerators and freezers. However, eventually, both compartments will warm up to room temperature - an inevitable outcome.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a refrigerator can sustain a safe temperature for food for approximately four hours. Meanwhile, a freezer can keep food frozen for up to 48 hours. It's crucial to note that these timeframes apply when the refrigerator is tightly closed.

How to prolong the cold in the refrigerator?

Primarily, avoid opening the door unless absolutely necessary. Refrain from contemplating the contents like "What do I feel like eating now?"

Regularly check the condition of the refrigerator door seal and adjust or replace it if needed.

Stock up on freezer bags; they can serve as partial substitutes for the refrigerator.

Avoid placing warm or hot food in the refrigerator when it's off, as they will increase the internal temperature more rapidly. Let them cool to room temperature first.

If possible, acquire dry ice or purchase/freeze regular bottled ice. According to the FDA, 20 kg of ice can keep a 500-liter freezer cold for two days. Fill any available space in the freezer with water bottles to buy some time. If needed, transfer them to the refrigerator to maintain a colder temperature for an extended period. For better results, use bottles containing salt water, as it defrosts more slowly.

Use a surge protector, advises the website Mr. Electric. A power surge can occur when the electricity is turned on, which can cause serious damage to your refrigerator.

Do not fill the refrigerator compartment too tightly, leaving the ventilation holes free. Instead, fill the freezer to the brim - if not with food, then with water. This will help maintain the required temperature and make the refrigerator more energy efficient.

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