How cats may apologize: three common signs

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How to understand that a cat feels guilty

Cats can also feel guilt and are capable of apologizing. Therefore, the stereotype of cats as selfish, ungrateful, and a bit impudent animals can be broken.

Of course, a cat's sense of guilt is quite different from a human's. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out what signs indicate that a cat is upset and apologizes to you.

Cats react to the mood and emotional state of their owners. It all depends on the nature of the pet as some pets are more inclined to empathy, while others are independent and wayward. Therefore, an empathetic cat will try to calm the owner down when he or she notices that the owner is upset. From the outside, it may seem as if the cat is apologizing and trying to make amends.

Experts explained that several characteristic signs indicate this behavior.

A penetrating look

The most common sign that a cat is trying to apologize is its penetrating gaze. The pet often sits down in front of the owner and looks at them without looking away. This look may seem very sad and resigned. It is as if the cat realizes its guilt and asks the owner not to be angry.

Cat "gifts"

In this case, the cat will bring its toys or favorite things to the owner. Indoor cats can even "please" with caught prey: a bird or a mouse. In this way, the animal seems to be trying to sacrifice a favorite thing or to appease the owner with a "gift".

Tactile apologies

Feeling guilty, a cat may begin to show tactile affection. They will climb into the owner's arms, purr on the lap, rub against the legs, caress and bask. It will be really difficult to resist such displays of love.

By the way, cats are not as selfish as they are portrayed. They have their own ways of expressing gratitude. The first and most obvious sign is purring. Cats purr when they feel safe. It is also a sign of pleasure and relaxation. Read the article to find out what other gestures cats use to thank you and how they show affection.

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