Horoscope for the vernal equinox: which signs will feel the most changes

Celebrate the equinoxes correctly for a happy astrological year

The spring equinox, which this year falls on March 20, marks the beginning of a new astrological year. This is a time for making wishes and building personal plans. Practicing gratitude and grounding will help you make the most of this moment.

And astrologers promise a lot of positive changes for representatives of all zodiac signs. Read on to find out your forecast for the spring equinox.


With the start of your season comes a new astrological year. This means that it is especially important for you not to look back but to move forward with confidence. Make it a point to be more present in the here and now in the new year. Practicing gratitude, meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature should all be done frequently, if not daily. Dedicate this year to discovering your natural leadership skills and helping others do the same. Sometimes the most noble thing you can do is to be a beacon of love to those around you. That's what this new astrological year is all about: being a source of inspiration through prioritization. The best way to spend the Equinox is with friends.


The astrological new year encourages you to express yourself and increase your self-esteem. There's no better time than now to start treating yourself with love and admiration instead of waiting for others to appreciate you. Start doing this on your own and the rest will follow. Remember that your dreams are yours alone. Don't let other people's rejection throw you off your path. Don't give up and the right people and opportunities will easily find you in this new year. Celebrate the equinox by going to your favorite restaurant.


It's time to fully commit to your own goals. Your inner flame will burn brightly so that you can feel inspired by projects, relationships, and introspection that interest you. You will have to go through a period of initiation and it can be difficult. But such challenges are necessary for you to become a new person. Try to get rid of isolation, overwork, and stress. You will not be able to get what you want if your life is overloaded. Learn to let go of past habits with love. On the day of the equinox, make a list of your mistakes that you made last year, and then burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet. These habits are not welcome in the new year.


The beginning of the new year will also bring you the beginning of a new stage in your life. You will become your own best friend and learn to set boundaries. You will start to distance yourself from people and things that harm you on your way to your goal. You will have more friendships and new like-minded people in your life. Hold on to the people who make you feel energized and get involved in these friendships, completely freeing yourself from the pressure of dealing with negative people. Celebrate the Equinox by cooking your favorite meal, pouring your favorite drink, and lighting the best scented candle. After all, you deserve only the best.


You will be greatly influenced by the new astrological year. It will be a period full of new opportunities in love and career. So try to prepare yourself for the life you've been longing for. Start doing things that bring you closer to your goal. Change your habits to more useful ones. Make lists - both of things you need to do and of gratitude for everything you have received in life. Take care of your body - eat healthy food and move more. Don't follow others, become a leader yourself. You will begin to notice changes inside yourself, and this will be reflected in your external manifestations. To celebrate the equinox, do something good for your body - get a massage, take a bath, or eat a healthy and nutritious meal.


As the new astrological year begins, spend some time alone to reflect on what you've accomplished in the past year. Lessons, difficulties, great victories, new relationships, memories, experiences, and much more. Write down all the good and not-so-good things to get a clear picture of how well you are able to handle it all. After that, write down the new approach you plan to use to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Spend more time with people who make you feel confident, happy, and safe, while saying no to relationships and dynamics you may have already grown out of. To start the new astrological year on a positive note, fulfill one of your wishes. For example, do something with your romantic partner.


The astrological new year will be a powerful shift for you. You will start to feel a surge of energy and deep excitement about the opportunities that will open up for you this year. You may see your relationships, family, or career reach new heights. Think about all the hard work you've done to get to this pivotal point. Soon you will begin to reap the rewards of your hard work. Start the new year by updating your living space - get rid of at least a few unnecessary things. From an energetic point of view, this will create space for abundance, which will come to you in the form of friendship, love, money, and other useful and pleasant things.


During the new astrological year, you will feel very nostalgic. You can't escape the feeling of growing up or leaving old relationships, giving up habits that no longer make you happy. You will experience a major internal and external shift that will make it almost impossible for you to sit still and let life pass you by. At this time, you can completely change your career path. Accept the changes and don't apologize for your desire to change. Move forward with confidence and don't let others convince you that change is bad. To celebrate the equinox, make some changes to your image. Buy unusual clothes, get a haircut, or even a tattoo. Remember: we don't dress and decorate ourselves to attract the attention of others, we do it to better present ourselves in the world.


You may be feeling very down right now, but that's normal. Your world is changing and it's not easy. At the same time, others still see you as a source of optimism and joy. So if you feel stuck, remember that you are the well from which you can draw positivity. Sometimes our greatest adventures happen inside. The astrological new year will be a time for you to commit more deeply to your long-term goals. Celebrate this moment by trying a new hobby.


Your inner child is waking up. You feel energized and empowered. You should make every effort to realize that your childhood dreams still have a chance to come true. So, remember what brought you the most joy as a child, even if it was modeling with clay, and do it again. It's easy to forget the benefits we get from free play, but this astrological new year is here to remind you of the value of such fun. So, spend the Equinox day playing, allowing yourself to be more creative and relaxed. And then try to dedicate at least one day a week to it.


You crave true friendship and a sense of community. And this will be the theme of your next year. Instead of wasting your energy on a large number of friends, put quality first. Communicate with people who have had similar life experiences or who now have similar outlooks on life. Stay close to those you can lean on. Instead of feeling bad because you don't accept everyone else, focus on the people who make you feel accepted without strings attached. The theme of your new year is to find your soul tribe. So spend the equinox day at a seminar or workshop that interests you. This is where you will find like-minded people.


If you had problems with your career or finances last year, things will start to improve now. You may feel more committed to yourself and your true expression than ever before. You're ready to create boundaries and rules to help you express yourself better. Start keeping a journal or sign up for psychotherapy to get to know yourself better. The energy of prioritization has entered your life, so allow yourself to catch the wave and keep it moving. The best way to celebrate the new astrological year for you will be a date with yourself.

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