Hidden personality test: sleeping position will reveal your personality

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Sleeping position can reveal character traits

Some researchers say that even your favorite sleeping position can tell you about certain personality traits. If you distinguish between two main positions - on your back and on your stomach - you should see which one is more comfortable for you to fall asleep in.

Sleep researcher Samuel Dunkell explored this unusual relationship between sleeping positions and personality traits in his book Sleep Positions. Thus, people who sleep on their backs more often are usually honest and self-sufficient, while those who like to fall asleep on their stomachs are prone to adventure and adventures.

Sleeping on your back

If you're more comfortable lying on your back, you're a focused, ambitious, and determined person. However, you don't need unnecessary conflicts - you usually avoid dramas and showdowns. You despise lying and will never be among those who come up with various tricks, gossip and weave a web of intrigue. You prioritize self-development and mental well-being, seeking out experiences that enrich your soul.

You set high standards for yourself and others. You are naturally introverted, always observing and analyzing before reacting. You are driven by unwavering optimism and a thirst for the fullest life experience. You are eager to tell stories and preserve memories.

In your career, you often use your social skills and charisma to get things done. Your sincere personality, friendliness, and negotiating skills are suitable for careers in sales and marketing, management and public relations, and more.

In relationships, you are a loyal and honest partner, but sometimes you become too demanding. You are a self-sufficient person and are comfortable making all important decisions on your own. You have a positive outlook on life and believe in the best.

Sleeping on your stomach

You are bold, persistent, ready for new experiences, and value an active lifestyle. You are quite direct in your communication. You are extremely clear about your desires and aspirations and want to have everything at once.

Sleep researcher Dunkell suggests that stomach sleepers can be impulsive but sometimes insecure. You crave control and order. Handling criticism constructively can be a challenge for you. However, with a little work on yourself, you can master the art of hiding vulnerabilities in your character. In general, you see life as a half-filled glass, and you express great gratitude for everything you have.

Your independent nature, willingness to take risks, adventurous spirit, love of physical activity, expressiveness, and desire for attention make you well suited to work in business, the military or law enforcement, sports, the executive sector, etc.

In relationships, you like passion, energy, and excitement. Daily routine often makes you bored. You may need to work on being more flexible and compromising.

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