Greying and growing a long beard: what Dr House from the legendary 2000s TV series looks like now

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Hugh Laurie has gone grey and grown a beard in 10 years

The first episode of the cult TV series about the sarcastic doctor Gregory Gaus was first broadcast in 2004. The image of a cynical doctor who makes even the most complex diagnoses was so popular with viewers that filming was completed only 8 years later.

Since then, the British actor Hugh Laurie, who played Dr House, has changed a lot. OBOZREVATEL decided to show how the years have affected the star of the legendary series (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Interestingly, Hugh Laurie got into the cast of Doctor Who by accident. He recorded a video audition while filming in another country and imitated an American accent. The producers didn't even realise that he was a British actor, and they had no doubt that he was part of the project. Thanks to his role as a doctor without a robe, the actor received the Order of the British Empire and two Golden Globes.


After the series finale, Laurie only occasionally appeared on screen. He has repeatedly admitted that eight years of constant filming exhausted him, and he spent a lot of time with his family - his wife Jo Green, sons Charles, William and daughter Rebecca.

Over the more than 10 years that the actor has spent off the set of the series, his appearance has changed a lot. Hugh Laurie grew grey and began to style his unruly hair back.


The 63-year-old actor has also grown a long beard, which makes him hard to recognise.


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