Gifts that shouldn't be accepted, bring trouble and poverty

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What not to choose as a gift

People say that some things cannot be given or accepted as gifts. According to beliefs, they can bring health problems, conflicts, troubles in personal life, and moneylessness and misfortune.

Superstitious people try their best to follow the traditions of gifting, but it's really important to choose and give gifts with a good heart and sincere intentions - then your life will not be affected by any negative omens. According to ancient beliefs, it is not customary to give gifts - read the OBOZREVATEL article.


This is one of the oldest signs. It is said that watches can "take away" health and youth. According to the most fatal versions of the sign, by giving a watch as a gift, a person seems to be "giving" another part of their measured lifetime. Newlyweds were not given watches for their wedding because it was believed that this gift symbolized the transience of a happy, carefree life.

House slippers

Our ancestors believed that house slippers given to an elderly person could mean a quick and sudden death. So they chose a different gift for grandparents.


It is not recommended to give empty wallets as a gift, so as not to bring hardship. There must be some kind of bill or coin inside. There is a widespread superstition that envious people can take away wealth and pass on their financial problems by giving a wallet.


According to an ancient belief, a girl who receives a mirror as a gift can lose all her attractiveness and beauty. Superstitious people believe that a mirror has a powerful energy field and can transmit negativity.

A cross on the neck

A cross can only be accepted as a gift from a relative or godparent. You can buy a cross yourself, but, according to beliefs, you cannot accept it as a gift from just acquaintances or strangers. It is recommended to have the cross blessed in a church.

Sharp objects

There is a belief that knives, forks, scissors, needles, and other piercing objects should not be given as gifts. You can also refuse them and return them to the donor. Such things can bring troubles, conflicts, and problems to the house.

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