Gates to hell and the oldest haunted castle: mystical places that tourists love

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Mystical places around the world

Mysteries have always attracted people. Haunted houses, cursed forests, unknown circles on the field - all of this causes both delight and a creepy feeling inside. The most mystical places in the world in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

Chillingham Castle (UK)

This castle can probably be called the oldest of all the cursed houses in the world. It was built in the distant 12th century, and already in the Middle Ages hundreds of people were tortured in the cellars of this stone structure. And without that, more than one innocent person died here.

The most often spoken about by visitors to the castle is the ghost of the shining boy. It is as if he appears at night in the pink room and screams very loudly. The legend of him has a real background, because the skeletons of an adult man and a small boy were found in the walls of this house during the renovation work. Most likely, they had been walled up alive, because there were scratches, left by themselves, all around them. I do not even want to think about what had happened to them.

No less gruesome events took place in the local dungeon. It was a small room without windows or doors, accessible only through a small hole in the wall. It was through this hole that prisoners with broken arms and legs were thrown inside and left to die. At the beginning of the last century, the British authorities ordered the removal of all the corpses, except for the last tortured girl. Her skeleton can still be seen by visitors to the castle.


Humberston (USA)

At the end of the nineteenth century this town was growing rapidly. Hundreds of people were coming here to earn extra money to get a job at the saltpetre mining plant. Houses and stores sprang up here at breakneck speed. But it didn't last long.

During the Great Depression, the company that essentially supported the village went bankrupt. With no other options for work, the locals began to slowly move away.

That's the official reason why Humberston disappeared from the U.S. map in just a few years. But there is another version. Rumor has it that due to lack of money, many residents of this settlement committed suicide and now their souls are walking the streets in search of peace.

Even creepier when you learn that most of the graves in the cemetery of Humberston and indeed open, because they were robbed by burglars.


Death Valley (USA)

Fortunately, no one has died here (at least there are no official records of it) and there are no ghosts hanging around either. The same can't be said for the stones, which move on their own on the clay surface of the long-dry Lake Restrek-Playa.

Scientists haven't been able to solve this mystery for a long time. How only common people could not explain it. Alien life, conspiracy theories, magnetic fields, and paranormal phenomena were thrown into the mix. But the clue was much simpler.

In 2014, a group of scientists placed rocks weighing from 5 to 15 kilograms with navigation sensors in different parts of this area, put cameras around them, and began to observe. As it turned out, on frosty nights, the ground is covered with very thin ice, which moves slightly due to the action of the wind and pulls the stones with it at a speed of 2-5 meters per minute.

However, the adherents of this theory turned out to be few. Most people still believe that something supernatural is going on here, and that scientists and authorities are simply hiding the real information from them.


Aokigahara Forest (Japan)

There is probably no other forest in the world with a huge sign that reads, "Your life is precious. The fact is that up to 100 people who commit suicide are found here every year among the trees.

The Japanese believe that there are evil spirits living in Aokigahara, convincing people to quit their lives. Anyone who enters the forest with bad thoughts never comes back.

Worst of all, the bodies of most of the people who died here have still not been found. This is primarily due to the very large area of the green zone at the foot of Mount Fuji - more than 35 square kilometers. At the same time, local foresters treat the search effort very responsibly. They go around every section of the forest and, having found the deceased in their arms, carry him to a station nearby, not moving away from the body for a minute, so that his soul does not get lost among the trees and turn into an evil spirit.


Darwaza (Turkmenistan)

If there is a gate to hell in the world, it is here. For more than 50 years, the burning 60-meter crater has caused both delight and overwhelming fear. It seems to burn forever. And it all began with a simple mistake.

In 1971 a group of scientists from the USSR discovered a gas accumulation in this place. It was decided to drill a well, but soon after the work began, the workers ran into a void and the ground collapsed sharply. There was a threat of a major gas leak. Scientists and project managers urgently ordered that the crater be set on fire to burn off all the gas. They thought the process would take several days, but the fire is still blazing.

The authorities of Turkmenistan recently intended to bury the crater, but this is impossible until all the gas is burned out. Putting it out or burying it is simply technically impossible. So we just have to wait.


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