Four zodiac signs will remain heartbroken until the end of November: monthly horoscope

Some zodiac signs will have to end a relationship

Ending a relationship is always an emotionally and psychologically difficult moment. But sometimes breaking up is about the need to choose freedom over manipulation and toxic relationships.

Astrologers warn that this year's Scorpio season will be quite tense. The transit of the Sun and Mars and Mars' sextile with Pluto will lead to dramatic changes. At the end of the month, some signs will face betrayals and disappointments. They will have to accept a difficult reality to realize a simple truth: the only way to heal is to say goodbye to traumatic situations and people who cause pain.


You will suddenly feel emotionally burned out. Everything that mattered just yesterday will one day "disappear" and no longer cause pain. You will realize that you are no longer interested in trying to continue the relationship. You will now realize with all clarity that the relationship is doomed.

You will want to de-stress and relax, and during this month you will realize that the only thing that has prevented you from enjoying life is a traumatic relationship. Astrologers warn that on November 4, the transit of Saturn in Pisces will make you automatically want to put your life in order. You'll have to be practical and pragmatic.


It would seem that with the beginning of your season, you should be at the height of success and fame. However, November will be filled with anxiety. You will feel as if you missed something, didn't have time, didn't notice something. You will want changes right now, and you will make life-changing decisions.

The only thing you want now is to start a new phase, create something new for yourself, or get rid of the old. You may have started to associate your partner with the past. There is a high probability that you do not want to bring the person who hurt you into your new life. Well, everything will change in late fall when you end the relationship. Yes, it's sad, but you will simply realize that you don't see a future with this person. You are tired of deceiving yourself and your partner. The date of November 6, when Venus in Virgo will be in trine with Pluto in Capricorn, could be fateful.


You value comfort above all else. You may have been thinking about breaking up for a long time, but the desire for stability has taken over. The end of the year will be a period of change for you. Suddenly you will feel that you don't want to carry this relationship into the new year.

You and your partner may not have been getting along for a long time. You feel that you are no longer compatible or not in all areas where a couple should be compatible. This time you will choose freedom over stability. Astrologers warn that a fateful moment may come on November 9, when Mercury enters Sagittarius.


You don't like tears and parting, you do your best to maintain relationships and are always the first to step forward. However, in November, you will feel so unhappy in your relationship that you will realize that there is no other choice.

Surprisingly, it will be quite easy for you to decide that it's time to end the relationship. Once you've made this decision, you'll be looking for an opportunity to tell your partner for a long time. Astrologers say that the key moment may come on November 13. You'll get tired of just sitting around and being sad, waiting for it to be over.

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