Four zodiac signs will be the luckiest in 2024: Chinese horoscope

The Green Dragon will be especially favorable to Rats, Snakes, Goats and Roosters

Eastern astrology makes predictions based not on the month but on the year in which a person was born. It is based on the combination of the energies of the patron saint of the current year and a particular person. It is this combination that gives a favorable or unfavorable forecast.

Astrologers have analyzed what will be remarkable about the year of the Green Dragon, which will begin on February 10. They also named four eastern signs for which it will be the most successful.


People born in the Year of the Rat will feel like fish in the water this year. Any work they undertake will be done quickly, smoothly, and without any obstacles. Moreover, it will have a significant profit potential. Almost all the people around them will support them in their work. They will be able to take calculated risks and feel free to take initiative. In general, next year will be particularly successful for Rats in terms of finances. They will be able to accumulate a considerable amount of money and lay the foundation for savings. Those born under this sign will also be able to enjoy a happy family life and a lot of great fun.


The beginning of the year can be quite difficult for those born under the sign of the Snake. However, the results they will achieve in these 12 months will be impressive, especially if they follow the path of education and research all year long. Yes, it will be difficult at first, but everything they gain will be useful to them in the future. The area in which the Snakes will be especially lucky is love. However, at first, they will also have to go through the stage of rejection and doubt. Representatives of the sign may experience unexpected joys and changes in marital status.


Those born in the Year of the Goat who have been in a relationship for a long time will finally be able to legalize it or transform it into a more desirable form. And this will be the beginning of a happy stage in their lives. Loved ones will give them many good gifts. Fate may even bring the most special one, a much-coveted child. Therefore, the horoscope advises Goats to devote the whole year to building relationships and building a family.


Roosters can expect many joyful events in 2024. For example, their job search may end with a dream job with comfortable conditions, a good salary, and great prospects for development. They will benefit most from short-term projects even if they are quite risky. Speaking of personal affairs, Roosters have the prospect of meeting the love of their lives or falling in love with their partner all over again.

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