Four signs will be lucky in love: horoscope for the week

Love horoscope

The period from January 22 to January 28 will be very joyful for several zodiac signs. This is a favorable time for romantic dates, meetings, acquaintances, and important decisions.

Astrologers say that single zodiac signs have a very high chance of finding true love. It's important to be open to new acquaintances and spend more time in crowded places.


Above all, you strive for stability and are looking for a partner with whom you can create a real family comfort. You are tired of emotional swings, you don't want to constantly prove something and have conflicts. You are looking for a safe haven.

The transit of Venus through the dreamy sign of Pisces will have a positive aspect. In a relationship, you offer your partner a sense of security and reliability. When this astrological segment takes effect, you will be able to enjoy warmth and romance.


At the end of January, harmony will reign in your relationships. You will feel more empathy and compassion for your loved ones.

You will radiate strength and confidence, but this will not scare off your potential partners when meeting them. Family Scorpios will become more and more dependent on family and love. You can't wait to see your loved one again after work and spend the evening together. January will bring spring romance in the midst of the coldest storms.


The transit of Uranus will be key in late January, and it will affect both married and single Aquarians. This is a time to strengthen romantic relationships or take a chance on finding true love.

Be open, try not to dwell on failures, and bring goodness and light into this world. It's time to throw away outdated and meaningless aspects. Enjoy every moment and happiness will come very unexpectedly. 2024 will bring a lot of good news.


A love story will blossom thanks to the transit of Venus. During this period, you will be with a person who will give you a sense of security. You have been looking for loyalty and devotion in a relationship for a long time, and finally your dreams will come true.

There is a chance to meet not just a passionate partner, but a true soul mate with whom you will go through all the trials of life together. This is a favorable time for fateful decisions and proposals.

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