Forget about dust for a long time: what to add to water for successful cleaning

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What to use to clean surfaces from dust

There are various ways to eliminate dust at home, but only some of them guarantee long-term cleanliness. Dust can pose health problems, especially for children and the elderly.

It is recommended to use microfiber cloths or brushes that attract small particles for dusting, as popular feather brooms may only displace dust from surfaces, relocating it elsewhere. OBOZREVATEL has discovered an interesting and effective life hack that can contribute to maintaining a clean home for an extended period.

While purchasing specialized products from the store is the easiest solution, not everyone has the opportunity to do so, and these products are not always effective.

A popular DIY solution involves adding a bit of fabric softener to water. Take a large container, pour warm water into it, and mix in fabric softener. Dampen a regular cloth in the solution and use it to wipe away the dust.

For cleaning glass surfaces, you can substitute white vinegar for the conditioner. Ensure to wash the cloth regularly or change it during cleaning. Wipe the dust from top to bottom, starting with higher surfaces and finishing with the floor.

The appearance of dust is caused by various factors, including dead epidermal and hair particles, fragments of different fibers, street dust entering through windows during ventilation, pet hair, paper and fabric residues, and more.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to rub tables and shelves to get rid of dust for a long time.

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