For whom the beginning of November will be challenging: a horoscope for three signs

The start of November will be tough for three zodiac signs

Another challenging year is coming to a close, and a gloomy November could pull you into a whirlpool of melancholy. After October's string of blackouts and mystical Halloween, we hope for a cheerful November with no negative celestial transits. However, many will experience exhaustion and a loss of energy.

Astrologers predict that the last month of autumn will be a period of contradictions, with transits of Venus and Neptune, the Sun and Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus bringing heavy energy. Representatives of three signs may encounter unexpected difficulties.


You may feel the desire to celebrate Halloween enthusiastically—it's essential to find reasons for joy even in the darkest of times. However, you might suddenly feel drained after the celebrations. You might sense that you're "too old" for all those vibrant parties, and they no longer bring you joy. In early November, you could feel disoriented, as if you've stopped living in the moment and searching for the positive aspects of every event.

Additionally, your friends and family will be occupied with their affairs when you need their support the most, which can significantly throw you off balance. It's essential to realize that everyone has their own obligations, and your loved ones haven't diminished their affection for you. The first week of November might be challenging, but things will improve afterward.


You might feel that life is not progressing as quickly as you'd like. Lately, you've been experiencing a surge of enthusiasm and positive energy. However, this week, you could discover that your potent optimism has waned. You may feel fatigued and wish to retreat into your shell until better times.

The transit of the Sun and Jupiter might lead you to believe that your prime has passed, and you haven't achieved much. Dedicate this week to relaxation and recuperation. Your season is approaching, and soon you'll be ready for significant endeavors with renewed vitality.


The first week of November could bring challenges in your family life. Misunderstandings with your partner may escalate into quarrels. These arguments might upset you to the point that work completely slips your mind. You'll likely replay every hurtful word spoken by your loved one in moments of anger.

What you both need is some space followed by an honest conversation. You might be striving to prove your point, showing how formidable an opponent you can be. Your intention isn't to be so tough, but you'll do your utmost to defend yourself.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that arguments and conflicts could lead to changes in the lives of certain zodiac signs.

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