For which signs the Year of the Dragon will be very successful: they will have strength and success

Pig, Monkey, Rat, Goat and Rooster will be the biggest lucky ones in the Year of the Green Dragon

The Year of the Green Dragon is about to come into its own. According to the Chinese calendar, it will begin on February 10. The Year of the Dragon is a highly revered and majestic symbol in Chinese culture, representing strength, luck, and success. However, it is not equally favorable to everyone.

Oriental astrologers claim that the mythical animal will bring the most luck to representatives of the five signs of the Chinese zodiac. Find out if you are on the list of lucky ones.


The luckiest sign of the Chinese zodiac in 2024 is definitely the Pig. The dragon will give those born under this sign many opportunities, which can only be used by an innate innovative and enterprising spirit. You will reap the rewards of your hard work and sincerity in dealing with people. If you feel somewhat demotivated at the beginning of the Chinese year, take it as a signal that you need to rest. In the spring, your creativity will begin to develop and you may get your dream job. This year, lonely Pigs can meet love that is amazing in its power. A whirlwind romance will give your life a whole new meaning, so stay open to making new connections.


Since Dragon and Monkey are the most compatible zodiac signs, the latter benefits from the strong influence of the patron saint of the year. Your charisma will literally shine, and you will effortlessly charm people. The blessing will be felt in both personal and professional spheres. Everything you wish for will come true. But get ready for the changes it will bring and don't be afraid of the obstacles you will have to overcome. Plan ahead as much as you can. Use your flexibility to solve problems. When it comes to love and relationships, communicate openly and maintain emotional balance. Patience and insight will be the key to love.


Successes and trials will fall to you in equal measure this year. However, thanks to your wit and ingenuity, you will be able to turn the situation in your favor every time. This is a good year to strengthen your financial position as a Rat - look for opportunities to invest and save. But manage your finances carefully. Use every chance to travel. Any travel - business, personal, or leisure - will benefit you. Your intuition will be very accurate all year long. But in relationships, expect unpleasant but valuable lessons. Get to know the person next to you better and build strong trust. But don't be too bossy or jealous - this can push even a person who is very much in love away from you.


Those born under this sign should prepare for a period of difficult but favorable changes and transformations, as you follow the path of personal growth and self-discovery. Goats will be able to establish mutually beneficial relationships that will bring pleasure to their lives, as well as turn their hobby into a profession. You will be full of motivation to realize your aspirations and creative desires. Remember to rely on your intelligence and skills to overcome obstacles. Don't let small setbacks distract you from your bigger life goals. The decisions you make in 2024, whether in your career or in your relationships, will free you from burdens and mark the beginning of a wonderful phase.


Despite sudden challenges and changes, strong and resilient Roosters will continue on their path to personal and professional growth in 2024. You can expect to meet influential people and start profitable partnerships. Networking and collaboration will play an important role in your success. So, keep your adaptability high and don't be afraid to take on increased responsibilities. In return, you'll get a chance to fully enjoy the harmony of family life. 2024 will bring exciting opportunities for love and romance, but not without some challenges. All you need is to remain patient in matters of the heart. In finances, do not rush to make serious decisions without the advice of a professional consultant and avoid risks.

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