For clothing and home use: how to use oxygen powder correctly

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How to use oxygen powder

Housewives often use oxygen powder to remove stubborn stains from clothes and other surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly and safe bleach that dissolves well in hot water.

The mixture contains chemical compounds like sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, which help effectively combat dirt. OBOZREVATEL has learned how to use oxygen powder correctly.

This product can remove stains from food, drinks, grass, or sweat and restore your clothes' beautiful appearance. To do this, dissolve one or two tablespoons of the product in five liters of water.

Dip the clothes in the solution and leave them for an hour, but if the stains are persistent, it is better to leave them overnight. Then wash the clothes by hand or using a washing machine.

When the powder interacts with water, it releases oxygen, which helps in dealing with stains during washing.

If you want to brighten your laundry, add a tablespoon of oxygen bleach to the regular detergent during the wash.

Although the powder is environmentally friendly and can handle various stains, some fabrics cannot be washed with this solution, such as silk and wool.

This product can also be used to clean surfaces. You can use it to clean trash cans or litter boxes for pets and eliminate unpleasant odors and stubborn stains.

To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of the powder in a liter of water, dampen a sponge or cloth, and wipe the necessary surfaces.

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